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Universal Premium Heavyweight Sorbent Pad

Universal Premium Recycled Heavyweigt Sorbent Pads

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Weight 286 gsm*
Absorbency 117 litres | 30 US Gal of Oil & 74 Litres | 19.5 US Gal of Water**
Base Fibre Polypropylene
Facts and figures

These pads have a fabric weight of 286 gsm with 100 pads in a bale, offering a premium sorbent with a heavier per square metre fabric.

Air Matrix™ represents ESP’s premium Universal synthetic sorbent technology. Made from 100% premium recycled polypropylene it offers customers a high-tech synthetic alternative to the discontinued Coldform2™ and traditional meltblown. Its unique features are exceptionally high water and chemical resistance and superior liquid retention when compared to other competitors’ products. The high-quality recycled materials used combined with ESP’s unique manufacturing process make this product a high capacity sorbent that is also very soft and drapable.

Each pad is 41 cm wide by 46 cm long. The pads are supplied in a clear plastic bag.

Key Features

  • ESP Air Matrix products replace the discontinued Coldform™ & Ultraclean™ lines.
  • ESP Air Matrix pads are high performing, sustainable industrial airlaid sorbents.
  • Hybrid products blending durable spunbond coverstocks with recycled synthetic core fibers to maximize absorbency and performance.
  • Laminated on both sides for strength and very low linting.
  • Presents with a soft feel and excellent drapability.
  • Effective alternative to meltblown polypropylene absorbents.
  • All ESP Air Matrix products are manufactured with post-industrial recycled fibers

With the spun bond casings being very durable and incorporating low slip qualities, this product makes a very good sorbent choice if foot traffic is expected, or when durability is needed. Exceptional at absorbing antifreeze as well which can be problematic for meltblown polypropylene sorbents.


286* gsm


41 cm x 46 cm (16” x 18”)

Recycled Content**

95** %




11 lbs***






117 litres | 30 US Gal of Oil & 74 Litres | 19.5 US Gal of Water****

Base Fibre


  • Avoid high-heat
  • Fire retardant as per ASTM 726
  • Ensure that disposal of these sorbents complies with all local regulations


41 cm x 46 cm (16” x 18”)


This is the sorbents weight with heavy = 1, medium = 2, and single weight = 3


Suitable for

Recovering both oil and water based fluids at the same time


Recommended for recovering both oil and water indoors


We recommend this absorbent for recovering just oil indoors

Recycled Content

This product is manufactured with renewable and recycled fibers

Recycled Content