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Flexible Spill Berm

Flexible Spill Berm

Facts and figures

This temporary flexible berm seals off spills from the environment, nearby drains, and doorways. It is available as a standard 3m (10 foot) section but can also be cut to various lengths.

The unique, urethane material “weeps” into small cracks and crevices to seal off liquid flow. Spill Berm is non-absorbing and is easily cleaned for repeated use. 

Key Features

Flexible Ultra-Spill Berm will bend and turn to form almost any shape while temporarily “bonding” to any smooth surface and is very effective.

Some applications include:

  • Spill response
  • Temporary secondary containment
  • Sealing off of doorways during wash down operations

Flexible Spill Berm can be used in a variety of ways to protect the environment or limit damage in all types of locations 


3 m x 10 cm x 58 cm (10’ x 4” x 2.25”)

Recycled Content*

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The Flexible Spill Berm helps comply with NPDES and SPCC requirements.


3 m x 10 cm x 58 cm (10’ x 4” x 2.25”)

Suitable for

Recovering both oil and water based fluids at the same time