ESP Canada - Everything an absorbent supplier should be

 Evolution Sorbent Products - a global sorbents business

With operations in Canada, Australia, the US and the UK, Evolution Sorbent Products (ESP) is a major manufacturer and supplier of spill control and recovery products around the world. We manufacture our own absorbents in Chicago, USA and Oldham, UK.

site foreman of an oil refinery, a typical end user of ESP sorbents

 ESP Canada are proud members of IDI and Indica

Independent Distributors Inc. (IDI) was established in 1981 by four distributors banding together to increase their purchasing power with suppliers, to gain access to lines that were difficult to access on their own.

Since inception in 1981, IDI has grown to approximately 100 shareholder members, representing more than $1.1 billion in revenues and close to $800 million in purchasing power. The business model services independent industrial MRO distributors in four key sectors: Industrial, Safety, Power Transmission/Bearings, and Fluid Power. IDI is not just a buying group, it is a true business co-operative, owned by the shareholder members.

INDICA Marketing Group is focused on generating volume rebates for Industrial Supply Distributors while increasing market share for valued supplier partners. By combining the purchasing volumes of Indica Distributors, they create significant volume rebates to enhance their profitability. This is done through structured rebate programs with suppliers, who in turn benefit from the volume growth and increased market share.

 A sorbents development track record second to none

ESP have a 10 year track record of developing and manufacturing new technologies with innovative formats to aid better spill recovery.

Our sustainable range of sorbents is market leading, with performance levels comparable and often better than meltblown polypropylene alternatives. Coldform2TM, UltracleanTM and AirmatrixTM are our go-to sustainable technologies. Look out for SpillLockTM added to Universal/Maintenance products that turns water based spills into a gel which is then locked into the absorbent.

Research and development facilities at evolution sorbent products Chicago


 A reliable source for advice and absorbent knowledge

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable sales team have a combined spill industry experience of over 20 years. They can help advice on the very latest in spill technology. As well as helping with the selection of superior value sustainable sorbent products. We can also help with suggestions for more price sensitive meltblown polypropylene choices too. The advice doesn't stop there, we can also help with site visits and recommendations to help prevent spills before they happen.

recovering a hazardous or unknown spill requires the use of Chemical sorbents and safety protection equipment

 Warehouse locations across Canada in Mississauga, Calgary and Montreal

Strategically located operations means we can shorten delivery times and reduce shipping costs whilst also building relationships with our distributors.

Contact us today and see how ESP Canada can expand your business. ESP Canada has three locations: Edmonton, Mississauga and Montreal.

 ESP Canada only supplies to distributors

ESP has and continues to build a prosperous global company by only supporting distribution. Unlike some manufacturers, you will not find us selling our products to the end user via a website or other venues and tactics. We do not think it is fair or makes any sense to compete with our distributors or for distributors to have to compete with their manufacturers.

ESP sorbents are distributed to end users to clean up spills of all shapes, sizes and type