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Universal Premium Heavyweight Sorbent Pad with SpillLockā„¢

Product Description:

Airmatrix™ Universal Premium Recycled Heavyweight Sorbent Pad with SpillLock™. With a fabric weight of 286 gsm this roll has a heavy per square metre fabric. Airmatrix™ PRGN100 is a premium 100% polypropylene universal sorbent. This very soft and durable product resists water but quickly absorbs oil-based fluid including oils,gasoline,kerosine and diesel fuel. A tough spun-bond top lamination layer reduces lint and increases durability. Air-laid construction creates a consistent,extra strong,highly absorbent internal web structure. Airmatrix™ contains recycled premium polypropylene (not pulverised scrap). ESP uses only ultra-long poly recycled fibres which makes this absorbent stronger and more absorbent than any other industry standard recycled products.

Specifications & Logistics:

Absorbency159 Litres | 42 US Gallons of oil**
Base FibrePolypropylene
Size36 cm x 46 m (14” x 150’)
Recycled Content90
Weight/Case9 kg (20 lbs)