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Zip-top Chemical
Spill Kit

Product Description:

This entry level sized spill kit is contained in a clear plastic bag with a zip. The zip means that the clear plastic container can be repeatedly refilled and simply zipped shut. The spill kit is light in weight and easy to store in a small space. Stash them easily behind truck seats or in the toolbox. Great for indoor or outdoor use at construction sites or in off-road applications. 

Contents List:

  • 10 x Pads size 38 cm x 46 cm (15” x 18”)
  • 3 x Socks size 8 cm x 1.2 m (3” x 4’)
  • 1 x Waste Bag 
  • 1 pair of waterproof gloves

Specifications & Logistics:

Absorbency20 Litres | 5 US Gallons
Base FibrePolypropylene
Size20 Litres (5 US Gallons)
Recycled Content0
Weight/Case14.5 kg (32 lbs)