Answers to questions about ESP and its spill care products

 Who is Evolution Sorbent Products (ESP)?

We are proud creators of technologies that support the sorbent market with spill care products. We first pioneered the air laid spill absorbent products in the late 90’s and subsequently, through ESP, introduced Coldform2™, Ultraclean and Airmatrix™, as sustainable recycled options to meltblown polypropylene.

ESP-Canada is part of the ESP family of companies. ESP’s headquarters are in Chicago, USA, with other locations in England and Australia. ESP has served the sorbent industry since 2004. The senior management of ESP have been involved with absorbent manufacturing for the past 19 years and have a reputation around the globe as technology leaders.

 Can I contact any ESP office in Canada to serve me regardless of where we are situated?

Each ESP Canadian office is positioned to serve a specific geographical area. Our Mississauga office is able to support any needs from Ontario to the Maritimes. Organizations in the West (Vancouver, Calgary or Winnipeg), are served by our Calgary office. Organizations in Quebec are served by our Montreal office.

 Are all the products in the ESP USA website available in Canada?

No. ESP Canada focuses on products that the Canadian market has the most demand for. If you require a product that you do not see in our Canadian website, and you require a large order, contact us for more details. Here is a full list of our products.

 What is the difference between Oil Only, Maintenance and Chemical Absorbent Products?

Maintenance: Grey in colour, absorbs both water and oil-based spills. Best choice for most situations. If you are indoors, then this type works most often.

Oil Only: White in colour, these absorb only oil-based spills.

Chemical: Yellow in colour and used to clean up unknown toxic, flammable, corrosive or aggressive chemical spills. These can be used indoors or out. Choose this type if there is a concern about how it may be absorbed.

For more information see our “Choose the type" page.

 What is the difference between your technologies?

We have three unique proprietary technologies and Meltblown product manufactured to the highest standards.

Coldform2™: This technology has produced the industry leader in usage of a sustainable natural based absorbent. It really is a high performance product and in many cases, outperforms more traditional Meltblown alternatives. Features: Made from natural fibers, provides good traction or slip resistance, flame resistant and also comes in laminated options.

Airmatrix™: Offers a synthetic alternative to natural fiber products such as Coldform2™. This is our fastest growing technology. Thanks to unique manufacturing processes, this sorbent has extremely high absorbency rates. Features: Made from recycled synthetic fibers, has good strength and durability, high absorbency rates, exceptional chemical resistance, soft and drapable.

Ultraclean™: Is an amazing new technology that produces very high end solutions. The sorbents have undimpled, beautifully finished surfaces. It has superior strength and is engineered to provide a balanced performance, absorbing oil and water equally. Features: Made with recycled polypropylene, good strength and durability and high chemical resistance.

Meltblown: This is the most widely used technology but is losing market share quickly to the growing array of sustainable options. Meltblown is best for chemical applications and marine-based usages. Our production method creates very fine fibers of a consistent size which, when combined with high loft, gives our Metlblown absorbents unbeatable performance and durability. Features: Made with 100% polypropylene, good strength and durability, high absorbency rates and high tech manufacturing process.

SpillLock™: Is a revolutionary feature that improves the pad and rolls performance. It turns aqueous-liquids into a leak-resistant gel. It allows the fibers to absorb up to 150 times their own weight. It’s ideal for using on offensive or messy spills that must not leak out of the pad. SpillLock™ is added to our laminated sustainable Maintenance products and massively improves a sorbent’s performance.

For further information, see our product technologies explained section in our Learn more page.

 What are your environmentally friendly products?

Our Coldform2™ is made from renewable resources. All our proprietary technologies – Coldform2™, Airmatrix™ and Ultraclean™ are made from recycled materials. ESP takes pride in creating technologies with superior performance while helping to protect the environment both in the production of our products, and as they clean harmful or toxic spills.

For further information, see our Sustainable Sorbents section in our Learn More page.

 Is there an easy way to understand your product codes?

Absolutely. Once you understand the breakdown of our codes in our ‘Quick Guide to ESP Product Codes”, you will find it quite easy to use our codes. Please note you will need to be a distributor with access to the 'Distributor Area' to see this information.

The quality of the absorbents I get now is OK, how do I know that ESP products are as good?

We have been competing with all manufacturers on a world wise basis for ten years. We are ISO certified and you will get exactly what you order. In fact you will see higher loft from ESP because we process the products differently.

We have American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) technical standards data available for all our products.