New to absorbents?

A simple how to choose guide

Have you noticed how some absorbents are grey in colour, some are white, some blue and others are yellow? This is an industry standard that remains constant to help users identify which type is needed at a moment's notice.

6 simple steps to choose the right absorbent

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Choose a sorbent type

Select a format that is suitable of the type of spill that is being recovered

Oil only

Are white or light blue in colour and adsorb just oil-based fluids. These are best used out of doors, but not exclusively.


Grey in colour and absorbing both water- and oil-based fluids. These are the best choice in most indoor spill situations.


Yellow in colour, this type is used to clean up unknown, corrosive or aggressive chemical spills. These can be used indoors or out.

Choose the sorbent technology...

Select a technology that is best suited for the job.



Man made fibres from polypropylene
Man-made polypropylene fibre absorbents (meltblown)

Meltblown is the term used for polypropylene sorbents. Polypropylene resin (which is plastic) is melted then 'blown' as very fine fibres into a mat that can be cut into individual pads or rolled up. Meltblown is best used for recovering aggressive spills or leaks and for recovering oil-based spills on large bodies of water.

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Made from recycled synthetic fibres
Recycled synthetic fibre absorbents (AirmatrixTM)

This absorbent technology is primarily an Oil only synthetic absorbent that is made from 100% premium recycled polypropylene. AirmatrixTM offers exceptionally high water and chemical resistance as well as having superior liquid retention properties when compared with other products on the market. This absorbent is very soft and drapable making it ideal for shaping around objects.

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Choose the format...

Essentially the shape the sorbent comes in.



These are by far the most popular format we manufacture. On average we manufacture four times more pads than all our other absorbents combined. These are available in different sizes as well as weights.

image of bale of pads

Rolls & Split Rolls

Primarily designed to cover large areas and walkways. Large spill containment can also be effectively and rapidly handled with the use of rolls. Perforated spilt rolls can be an effective way of dispensing pads by tearing off the pad size at each perforation. Only our single layer meltblown rolls are not perforated, all the rest are across their width and length. Split Rolls are half the width of full rolls.

image of a full sized and half sized split roll


Are 8cm diameter absorbents and available in different lengths. The most widely used length is 1.2 meters. Most socks are used around equipment in indoor environments. Spill kits usually contain a number of these too. Our socks are contained in a spun-bond outer case that is heat sealed and clipped at each end.

image of a Chemical socks


Are used to absorb leaks that are too large for pads. Typical size is 23 cm x 38 cm, they are more frequently used in spill kits.

image of a grey Maintenance pillow


These come in two diameters, 20 cm and 13 cm. The larger option is used more in open water and can be heavy once they contain absorbed substances. Booms usually absorb a quantity of water along with the oil making them even heavier. Our 13 cm boom is the most popular but the 20 cm version will better stand waves, as it is extremely rugged.

image of a 20 centimeter and 13 centimeter oil only booms

Industrial Rugs

These resilient surface coverings come in a range of different materials and are useful for all sorts of applications and locations.

image of rolled up industrial rug

Drum Tops

Are trimmed to sit on the top of a 205 Litre drum and contain any spill liquids. They are available in Oil only and Maintenance types.

image of stack of grey drum tops

Choose a fabric weight for pads and rolls...

Rollover the pads to find out more

illustration of pad
Heavy weight
illustration of pad
Heavy weight
380 GSM sorbents...

Meltblown Sonic Bonded
Meltblown Single Lamination
Meltblown Fine Fibre
AirmatrixTM Double Lamination

illustration of pad
Medium weight
illustration of pad
Medium weight
240 GSM sorbents...

Meltblown Sonic Bonded
Meltblown Single Lamination
Meltblown Fine Fibre

illustration of pad
Single weight
illustration of pad
Single weight
165 GSM sorbents...

Meltblown Sonic Bonded

The Sorbent weights listed above are available in rolls and split roll formats. Please note all weights +/-5%

image of rotary disc being wrapped in a soft and drapable sorbent

Choose a sorbent construction...

This is basically the shape the sorbent comes in.

How an absorbent is built affects its durability and absorbency.

This is an area that ESP specialises in to make sure our products are capable of doing the job required.

Maintaining the balance between strength, durability, absorbency and performance is the key to manufacturing a product that will always be in high demand.
  • Sonic bonding lowers lint and increases the strength slightly

Sonic Bonded

The meltblown fibres are passed through sonic heads which bond the fibres together at small points, (the area covered by these bond points is approximately 5% of the pad so it offers limited effectiveness at lint control). This construction makes the product a little stronger, but from an economic viewpoint it may be better to choose a laminated version instead.

  • Tough no-linit top sheet
  • Highly absorbent core

Single Sided Lamination

This is our primary construction recommendation as it actually has a significant benefit. We sonically attach a thin layer of 'no-lint' spun-bond material onto the top surface of the sorbent. This greatly reduces the linting, (fibres detaching easily) and improves the strength considerably. This construction is available in meltblown. When used in roll form the product has the large advantage of not being as slippery as double sided lamination sorbents.

  • Tough no-lint top sheet
  • Sonically bonded absorbent core
  • Tough no-lint bottom sheet

Double Sided Lamination

This construction offers a sorbent that has both surfaces covered with a non-linting strong spun-bond cover. This configuration is the best for durability and results in a sorbent, which gives virtually no-linting at all. Caution is recommended however as any foot traffic should be avoided on this product, as it is very slippery under foot.

  • Fine fibre top sheet
  • Sonically bonded absorbent core
  • Fine fibre bottom sheet

Fine Fibre

This construction type represents our highest quality and most absorbent pads in meltblown formats. It also possesses excellent wicking properties. Fine Fibre features less linting when compared to the Sonic Bonded choice, but more durability than when compared to Double Sided Lamination. Another useful attribute is that it isn't slippery when wet.

  • Fine fibre top sheet
  • Sonically bonded absorbent core
  • Fine fibre bottom sheet


This construction is a clever and simply a smarter solution for most maintenance situations where the sorbent can be placed under the leak. The sorbent will hold the spill but does have a tendency to permeate through to the ground below, this is prevented with the poly-backing layer. ESP is the only manufacturer offering a poly-backed product to date that is not cost prohibitive.

Choose a packaging option

absorbents in a clear plastic bag

Non branded plastic bag

The lowest cost option that carries a simple label indicating the product code number, quantity and country of origin. All our sorbents except for socks are available in clear plastic bags.

absorbents in a cardboard box that also acts as a dispenser

Branded ESP Cardboard box

Printed in two colours with a repeating pattern when stacked these boxes also carry a label indicating the product code, quantity and country of origin. Another handy feature of the pad box is a perforated flap that can be removed to make the box into a dispenser.

Bespoke packaging

To help you build your own brand we can arrange to have boxes produced that carry your or an end-users logo. This service is subject to minimum order sizes and pre-payment for the packaging.