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Universal SAF Pillow 9"x15"

Product Description:

  • Super Absorbent Foam filler that absorbs and locks in up to 50% more fluid in both water (aqueous) based and oil based fluids
  • Super Absorbent Foam wicks fluid faster and does not shed, drip or leak making for greater operational efficiencies in cleaning & disposing
  • Will not become slippery even when fully saturated
  • Only universal sock that absorbs equally effective for both water & oil based fluids
  • Sustainable sorbent filler made from 100% Post Industrial Material!
  • Premium performance that is Value Priced!
  • Ideal for when your application requires greater flexibility and/or absorbency.
  • Socks mold around equipment and fit in hard to reach places.
  • Great wicking and performance for all of your leaks, drips and spills.


Liquids AbsorbedUniversal
Package Count16
Product Width (in)9
Product Length (in)15
Absorbency (Gal)Up tp 25 US Gallons
Packaging TypeBox


Shipping Height (in)12
Shipping Length (in)20
Shipping Width (in)24
Layers Per Pallet8
Shipping Weight (lb)6
Cases Per Layer4
Pallet Count32
Pallet Dimensions (in/ft)40x48x93