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Spill Kits

The importance of a spill kit cannot be emphasised enough. Having the correct absorbents close at hand, in the right quantity and container is key to any successful spill recovery outcome. ESP spill kits are used throughout the world in a host of different situations which in itself speaks volumes!

Refill pads in packs of ten

To extend the life of our spill kits our absorbent pads conveniently come in sealed packs of 10. You can also see them in our Packaged product section here.

This system not only helps with the auditing of spill kits so that the contents can be quickly checked but keeps them clean and tidy too. If you’ve ever had to count a large number of loose pads you’ll appreciate what real savings in time and effort sealed packs of 10 represents!

Please ask for details of other sorbents that can be replenished in our spill kits

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Static Spill Kits

These spill kits are contained within a robust static container that can also be used to remove the contents of a spill once it has been recovered along with the absorbent used. The spill kits range in size from smaller to quite large specialist screw top containers. Once used, the contents of a spill kit can be replenished, making them a cost effective solution.