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Man-made polypropylene fibre adsorbents

Meltblown is the term used for polypropylene sorbents. Polypropylene resin (which is plastic) is melted then ‘blown’ as very fine fibres into a mat that can be cut into individual pads or rolled up. Meltblown is best used for recovering aggressive spills or leaks and for recovering oil-based spills on land and especially on large bodies of water.

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Three-Ply SMS Fine Fiber Meltblown

This construction offers a sorbent which has both surfaces covered with a non-linting strong spun-bond cover. This configuration is the best for durability and results in a sorbent which gives virtually no linting at all. Caution is recommended however as any foot traffic should be avoided on this product as it can be very slippery under foot.