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Man-made polypropylene fibre adsorbents

Meltblown is the term used for polypropylene sorbents. Polypropylene resin (which is plastic) is melted then ‘blown’ as very fine fibres into a mat that can be cut into individual pads or rolled up. Meltblown is best used for recovering aggressive spills or leaks and for recovering oil-based spills on land and especially on large bodies of water.

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Three-Ply Fine Fiber Meltblown

Representing our highest quality and most absorbent meltblown pads and rolls. This construction type features less linting when compared to the Sonic Bonded choice but more than when compared to the laminated version due to the fine fibres used in its manufacture. A top and bottom layer of fine fibre are bonded to the highly absorbent core. This product is one of our favourites because it does everything well and can be considered a consummate all round performer.